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Do you need to treat someone to their own stash of lollies? 

This box has only Maycey's lollies in it.  Maycey's are a NZ Made lollie manufacturer. 

These are also great for Mother's/Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas and more....


These boxes contain a whopping 1.180kg of lollies: 

- Fruit Sherbets

- Mint Humbugs

- Fruit Berries 

- Wine Gums

- Teeth

- Spearmint Torpedo's

- Dominion Mix

- Crocodiles

- Speedy Snails

- Mega Gums 

- Glo Hearts 

- Sour Kissers 


*Lollies in this box are subject to change depending on what we have in stock at the time of purchase. We do out best to have everything in stock. 


* Refill options are available as well for these boxes.  

Mega Mayceys Stash Box

PriceFrom $30.20
Out of Stock
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