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This can be used for Pass the parcel or other party games. 

How cool would it be to win this at a party? 


Each bag contains: 

- x1 Sherbet Bottle

- x1 Chocky Fish 

- x1 Buster Mini 4pack 

- x1 Sour Gecko 

- x1 Chupa Chup Lick & Dip 

- x1 Chupa Chup Sour BItes 

- x1 Fruity Popcorn Bag 

- x3 Super Tattoo Gum 

- x1 Melody Pop 

- x1 Sour Feet Lollipop

- x1 Sour Belt


Everything comes sealed in a cellophane bag.


*Please note all items will come in various colours and flavours picked at random.


*Price is per bag 


*Items in bag are subject to change depending on the stock we have in at the time.

We always do our best to make sure we have all the correct stock for these bags. 

Party Prize Bag

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