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Are you a Maycey's Fan? Do you know a Maycey's fan?

This box is the perfect treat for yourself or as a gift for someone else.


Each box contains:

- 100g Spearmint Torpedos

- 100g Crocodiles

- 100g Nosey Porkers

- 100g Mega Gums

- 100g Kissers

- 100g Giant Spearmint Leaves

- 100g Double Happys

- 100g Stick People

- 100g Sour fruits mix

- 100g Cola Crush Cans

- 100g Jelly Babies


These are great for gift giving. Have a birthday or other special occasion coming up? why not grab a MEGA Maycey's gift box to give as a gift.


PLEASE NOTE: the flavours of products and the products themselves may vary from the description due to the availability of product at the time of ordering.


*Photos are an example only*


Shirley's MEGA Mayceys Box

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