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Our ULTIMATE combo pack comes with 8 of our favourite Mixed Combo's. 


- 500g Shirley's Ultimate Chocolate Mix 

- 500g Shirley's Licorice Mix 

- 500g Shirley's Ultimate Movie Mix 

- 500g Gummy Mix 

- 500g Sour Gummy Mix 

- 500g Shirley's Great Kiwi Mix 

- 500g Shirley's NZ Lolly Mix

- 500g Shirley's Favourites Mix


Combinations of our Mixed Combo's may vary from time to time depending on what we can get in stock from our suppliers at the time but we do our best to keep everything in stock. 



Shirley's ULTIMATE Combo Pack

  • All orders are repackaged on the same premises with products that contain Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Peanuts & Soy.