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This is the Ultimate Snackle Box!

Filled with loads of sweet treats.


Each box comes with:

- 100g Gummy Mix 

- 150g Strawberry Dyna Stix

- 150g Rainbow Dyna Stix

- 80g Lolly Scramble 

- 100g Chocolate Peanuts 

- 150g Chocolate Caramels 

- x4 Trolli Mini Burgers

- x2 Fini Rollers 

- 160g Filled Strawberries & Cream 

- x10 Candy Rolls 

- 100g Get Planes


*Lollies in this box may be subject to change depending on what stock we have in at the time of purchase. We do our best to keep all lines for Gifts in stock as much as we can. 

Shirley's ULTIMATE Snackle Box

PriceFrom $34.80
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  • All orders are repackaged on the same premises with products that contain Milk, Gluten (Wheat), Peanuts & Soy. 

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